CRUX is a registered pharmaceutical company established in 2007. We provide  end-to-end solutions from a business plan to a fully established company.

Our clients can tap into our expertise in this field. Our cost structures are economical. The client's expenditure and timelines are considerably reduced and they have the benefit of testing the market before undertaking investment or comitting to a strategy.

South Africa is an incredibly attractive investment destination. There are considerable growth opportunities as well in the rest of Africa. We have experienced  increased interest in investment in this region in recent years.

Since 1994, South Africa has brought in revised regulations and procedures for the pharmaceuticals industry and created a highly regulated environment for Pharmaceutical companies.

The regulatory environment has evolved significantly and with the introduction of new international partnerships and initiatives over the past few years, the administrative and regulatory aspects of doing business in South Africa have become significantly more complex.

One of the primary strengths of Crux Pharmaceuticals is its expertise as to how to effectively invest in this environment. Our thorough understanding of the procedures is the reason why our partners like working with us when it comes to the registration of dossiers and business development.

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We work with or have worked on products from the following companies:

Serum Institute of India            Cipla            Biocon