Sourcing of local business partners

There has been a shift over the last five years towards strategic partnerships.

Crux Pharmaceuticals has been part of this shift since 2007, as we have established relationships with local business partners who also subscribe to this model and are willing to invest. There is a saying, "It is not  who you know but who knows you that makes the difference".  At Crux Pharmaceuticals we have done the hard yards to ensure that our reputation amongst local businesses is respected and associated with value driver proposals.

The primary benefit to you is that we have created the infrastructure , built the relationships, and know the ground intimately. It saves your business years of time, cost and effort. It ensures that you are walking into a brand new business environment with the benefits of a trusted partner to assist you.

Since 2007, we have successfully assisted international pharmaceutical companies partner with local business, develop distribution and sales channels.

Touch base with us and find out whom we can introduce you to, and how we can facilitate the distribution of your products through our partners.