Partnering for Success


Crux was set up in 2007 as a South African pharmaceutical business development company to advise organizations on their pharmaceutical pipelines, business development and contracts with South African partners. 

Around 2010, it evolved into a ‘Landing Pad’ company. Our clients could now use our pharmaco-legal and regulatory expertise for the registration of medicines and licenses. We also work out marketing and distribution relationships and permits for pharmaceutical companies and products. 

We have more than a decade of experience in the registration of small molecules medicines, complementary medicines, as well as biologicals and vaccines. 

In 2015 we laid the groundwork for the licensing of an independent wholesaler and in 2016 we acquired the know how to license medical devices establishments. 

Our current focus is on building our own product portfolio.

We provide an end to end solution

From developing a business plan to a
fully established company for our clients

Our costs are economical, and the client’s expenses and timelines are considerably reduced by partnering with us to launch their products in South Africa or by engaging us as an advisor.

In this way, the partner or client has the benefit of testing the market before making an investment in human resources, bricks and mortar or committing to a strategy.

There are also considerable growth opportunities in the rest of Africa that we can assist you with. South Africa is also a launching pad into the rest of Africa.

Our clients can tap into our in-depth knowledge of the South African landscape.

One of our primary strengths is our expertise on how to effectively invest in South Africa. Our thorough understanding of the pharmaco-legal requirements is the reason why our partners like working with us for the registration of their products and the development of their business.

We invite you to touch base with us and find out how we can help your business.

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