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Drug Safety

At Crux Pharmaceuticals drug safety is of utmost importance to us.

Drug Safety

also known as pharmacovigilance, is the pharmacological science relating to
the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and
prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products.

Distinguishing a side effect from an adverse event

A side effect is a secondary unwanted effect that occurs due to drug therapy
while an adverse event is an unintended pharmacologic effect that occurs
when a medication is administered correctly .

What is a side effect?

A side effect is a documented therapeutic effect that occurs when
treatment goes beyond the desired effect, or a problem occurs
in addition to the desired therapeutic effect.

Side effects are studied during clinical trials and drug development
to weigh the benefits of the medication versus the risks.
Fortunately, because these effects are studied and
established by clinicians, many of them resolve on their own
over several weeks.

What is an adverse event?

An adverse event is an undocumented therapeutic/pharmacological event that is either unforeseen or a dangerous reaction to the medication. These types of events are not typically studied during drug development because they are unique to the dose, patient, and possible interaction. Adverse events are completely unpredictable and occur much less often than side effects.

Drug safety

To report a drug incident

If it is a medical emergency please go to your local healthcare provider for further assistance