Partnering for Success


Crux Pharmaceuticals is an audited and licensed South African Pharmaceutical Company established in 2007. As a pharmaceutical company we are licensed to trade under the National Department of Health, South African Health Products Regulatory Authority and South African Pharmacy Council as well as being a licensed pharmaceutical importer and exporter. We have also recently received our Medical Device License.

Building our own product pipeline

by sourcing healthcare products for the South African market through
exclusive import and export agreements with global manufacturing companies.

Our efforts are focused on

Doctor detailing
Sales and marketing to pharmacies and health stores
Healthcare funder engagement

Pharmaceutical services

Sales and Marketing of new product portfolios since 2008

Business services

Our Evolution

Crux was initially set up as a business development company

and later expanded our footprint into pharmaco-legal and regulatory services
and product sales to the government.

In 2015 we laid the groundwork for the licensing of an independent wholesaler for a listed company
and in 2016 we acquired the know-how to license medical device establishments.

Throughout this time the company has managed product regulatory requirements, and continuous
analysis of critical success factors in the launch of new products into the South African market.

In its more recent years the focus has been on developing a unique pipeline and portfolio.